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End of contarct

I am currentley on a $50 dollar per month mobile contact which was for 2 months and is due to end and was wondering what my option are?

Do i just keep the plan and pay month by month or change plans?

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Re: End of contarct

Hi Bruce, thanks for reaching out. If you are out of contract, you'll have several options. You can either remain on the same plan on a month-month basis. Alternatively, you can also re-contract onto a new plan.

If you wish to discuss this further, we recommend speaking to our Sales team directly. They're available through our messenger team.

Alternatively, you'll be able to reach out to them over the phone on 1800 780 219.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: End of contarct

Optus plans just roll into month to month. A few plans have bonus sign up aspects (like double data) which might have now stopped. Up to you if and when you cancel.

Another option is to reduce your Bill to $20 or $10. How much data do you need a month on average?