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Hey guys, just wondering if id be able to get a phone plan. I had one when i was 18 but had a lot of financial difficulties due to injuries so i could pay it and ended up being a default which has recently been payed off in full. Im 20 now previous employment was 1 year and a half years casual with regular hours and ive recently gotten a full time job which started in april 2017.

Re: Eligibility

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Go to a store and see if you can sign up.


If you can't get, then buy a newish G900i off ebay and stick a OVO/Spintel/Amaysim or Aldi SIM into it.


Meanwhile, get a credit card and use it for $1 purchases from Hong Kong.

Re: Eligibility


Hi @Slazz86 thanks for getting in touch and it's great to hear you're thinking about getting a phone with us! Unfortunately however I'm unable to advise whether or not your application would be successful Smiley Sad You can either apply for a service over the phone/online/in store or alternatively you can request a copy of your credit file from an external reporting body to see if there is anything that may hinder your application.

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