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Early Upgrade with $30 Credit and 10% Student Discount


I recently accepted Optus' offer for early upgrade which I did online. I got My Plan $130 with $30 monthly credit plus I had additional 10% Student Discount, which is also applied monthly. My account is now updated and it shows the 10% Student Discount UNDER ADD ONs, including all the free services that comes with the plan but it does not show the $30 monthly credit.


I attached some screenshots while doing the upgrade.


Should my plan detail under My Account shows the $30? Does anyone had this same problem before? I don't want to wait for my billing to see if there's really a $30 monthly credit. I want to make sure it's true and is applies on my account before I get the bill.


Hope someone could enlighten me about this 'cause not even the chat agents I 'talked' know what the customer's account should show or look like.


Thank you.




Re: Early Upgrade with $30 Credit and 10% Student Discount


Optus will bill you the full $130 (that's technically the plan you are on). They will only apply the credit on the monthly bill as a $30 refund.


This is because if you end up leaving Optus early the payout calculations don't include the $30 bonus.




Peter Gillespie

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