Dunn and Bradstreet scam


hi has anyone been contacted txt or phone by the following number 08 70701471 or +61416907428 or 1300663402 they report to be D&B but D&B don't know these numbers, does anyone know who they are

Re: Dunn and Bradstreet scam


I googled that mobile number for you and a few people have reported a similar experience as you. Claim to be from dunn and bradstreet chasing a bill from a telco (Telstra was mentioned in these examples, not Optus) but when calling the telco they advised no money was owing or had been sold.


I'd call Optus to confirm your outstanding balance but definitely sounds like these callers are up to no good

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Re: Dunn and Bradstreet scam


They are back; I got a txt today from mobile no 0402101907 asking me to call 1300663834, quoting reference no 91535472.

Being a suspicious old grump, I googled D&B called them and they confirmed they have no record of needing to talk to me. I think it's a variation on the Premium Number scam, getting you to call and be put on hold. If nothing else, they didn't get my name correct!

Re: Dunn and Bradstreet scam


Hmm, are they claiming that you have an outstanding debt with Optus or is it a generic SMS? 


Check out our support page for ways in which to report suspect messages/emails.


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