Due for an upgrade? I suggest you DON'T BOTHER WITH OPTUS


In a nutshell and in order of events:

  • I'm a long term customer of Optus
  • Requested a simple upgrade
  • Got sent the wrong handset
  • Returned the wrong handset and cancelled the upgrade 
  • Got charged over $1000 for the handset that I had already returned and was the wrong one in the first place - The money was direct debited from my personal savings account 
  • First phone call told the money would be returned into my account in the next 3 working days
  • Got a new phone plan through a new provider - no dramas.
  • A week later phoned again and told it would be in my account in the next 3-5 workings days
  • Requested compensation and told it wasn't possible because I didn't have an account with them any more.

Ridiculous!!!!!! I'm out of pocket over $1100 for over 2 weeks with nothing to show for it except a lot of wasted time on the phone.


Don't waste your time - if your contract is up take the opportunity to CHANGE PROVIDERS.

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