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Double data promo


Hey, is the double data promo offering double data every month or is it a one off data amount ? The wording of this promo seems a bit grey... cheers 


Re: Double data promo


Looking at the ads for the plans with this promo it does state how long you get the double data for, its not a single once off data amount.



Min. total cost $480 over 12mths. Offer ends 20/05/18. New and recontracting services only. Includes 15GB bonus data for 24mths. 

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Re: Double data promo


Yep got that, would be clearer if it said includes 15gb bonus data/month for 24 months however, as I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been 15gb total bonus that was available for up to 24 months, or when used. Maybe I have trust issues

Re: Double data promo


You have every reason to have trust issues. I'm still trying to sort out my bonus data. The same thing happened to me last year as well. 

Re: Double data promo


@sharlswa, I've replied back to your private message. 


Feel free to chat with us there. 

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