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Double Data not reflected after 2 weeks of signing up.

We signed up for the $100 My Plan Plus with a phone deal on the 12-April to get the double data promotion.

During sign up - we were advised that we will see the 60GB added to our current data pool. A week on, we only saw a top up of 28GB (which was weird) to our data pool. When we reached out to the support chat, we were assured (twice) that the full double data will be reflected in the next cycle (25-April).


25-April came and we only see a 30GB top up to our original data pool. I reached out again to support and was told that the double data will only be reflected in the next cycle. The only thing they can do now is raise a request (Request ID 99790).


(1) This was not in the agreement we signed when we were in store.

(2) Why are there 3 different informations from 3 different support staff.


This was not what we signed up for - we have read through the forums and everyone is complaining of the same issue.


Seriously Optus?

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Re: Double Data not reflected after 2 weeks of signing up.

Hey @Hafiz we'll need to take a look into this, send through a private message with the full name, account/phone number and DOB and we'll go from there.

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