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Doro 6520 phone MMS


My daughter sent me 3 photos to my Doro 6520 phone taken with in minutes of each other and two came through OK but the third didn't. Got "error downloading MMS" message for the third photo. Optus staff said error probably due to the file size being sent to me being to big for my phone. How can  this be when two photos came through and other one didn't.Is there a MMS file size limit on the Doro. 


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Hey @16515Djm, would recommend giving this guide a go just to ensure your settings are all correct. Let us know how you go!

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Re: Doro 6520 phone MMS

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Hi Optus


We've got similar problem - with only very small images (eg 34.5KB) being received by the 6520.  My understanding is that phones resize images for MMS to keep them under a certain size. I think it is 200KB by default for the iPhone but a photo sent from an  iPhone arrives but the message that you get is that it can't download it. The phone has 43764 Kb free so plenty of room. I should say that the iPhone is on Telstra network and the 6520 is on Optus - so I don't know what size Telstra will send if I don't resize first.  Larger MMS certainly arrives from the Telstra network - just can't open it.


Phone was bought in May from Optus store - we took it back to the Optus store on Sunday. They checked the configuration (as per the doc) and it is fine. They put us on a phone to support (somewhere else) who checked that all looked OK from the network end.  Escalated to somewhere else in support with a Reference Number. Had a call Wed evening from Optus Support - went through it again and confirmed that a small MMS could be sent to and from the phone - but an MMS of a photo from a different phone was not received.

Suggested that it seems there may be an issue with the handset and that we should contact Doro.


I tried that today - but they don't seem to exist here any more - no website and the support numbers don't answer.  Their Facebook site does not make me feel positive.      Comments about not being able to contact them etc.


As far as I know Optus is still selling this phone - but it does not seem fit for purpose since the person sending an MMS should not need to know that they need to reduce the size of the image before sending it for it to be received.

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I went into my local optus stoe and was told the the reason i was not getting some mms with photos attached was because th file size was too big for the doro to handle. Have found out that the doro can only handle up to 300kb file size and that it can't automatically resize incoming mms to fit under 300kb.


Re: Doro 6520 phone MMS


Thanks 16515Djm for the information.


It's annoying that one of the networks - either sending or receiving doesn't handle the size issue.  Either by having a standard that says send 300Kb unless the sender explicitly says leave the size as is (though I don't suppose any system sends really large images at original size), or by reducing it on receipt.


I looked at what Wikipedia says about MMS - and it seems quite complicated.  Will stick to sending and receiving photos by email if possible!

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