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Do Optus Salesmen Deliberately Lie to Customers so they can increase their Sales Percentages?

On the 06 March 2019, I got a new Optus Plan being, "My Promo Plus 12M SIM (OCT18)." Plan ID: 801073/10962365. It is 80GB for $55.00. The Optus salesman told me that I don't have to pay anything for a month - until 06 April 2019.

On Thursday 14 March 2019 I received a text from OptusMSG reading, I quote "Sorry, we were unable to process your last AutoRecharge payment. Your AutoRecharge has been cancelled..." (Naturally, as I did not need to put funds in it yet).

The Salesman tells me one month, yet Optus is trying to take the funds just 8 days later. Then at 9.08am this morning, (Saturday 16/03/2019, I get a text from Optus which reads, I quote, "As requested, your balance for a/c ######## is $55.00 and is due on 22/03/2019. Your last payment was $0 made on 00/00....."

So now I have been given three (3) dates, 14 March, 23 March and 06 April. This issue can easily be fixed with Optus being more transparent on their "Customer Authority Form - New Contract," simply by stating the date in black and white when the first payment is due. The customer can then sign his/her signature right beside the payment due date - so there is no misunderstandings. Optus Head Office knows, the Salesman knows and the Customer knows - problem solved.

Regards 1Convict


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Online Community Manager

Re: Do Optus Salesmen Deliberately Lie to Customers so they can increase their Sales Percentages?

Were you previously on Prepaid and switched to the new plan? That may explain the autorecharge OptusMSG, either way it can be disregarded.

The next message is automated as your first pro-rated bill has been generated which is normal. 

It appears there may have been a misunderstanding that the salesman thought your first bill may not arrive for about a month (but you always would have been charged since the connection date) or there was some sort of offer that you would have a credit applied for the first $55 monthly charge which should be on your paperwork or you can chat with us to verify as that doesn't look to be a current a SIM Only plan deal.

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