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I'm writing because I can't believe what just happened to me.  7pm going into theatre for surgery I tell my mum and son I will call when i come out.  I come out after midnight and by chance my credit has expired so 12.20am in pain start to recharge with PayPal it says it's not working at the moment try paying different way did credit card and then it said because i used a different card to the PayPal one that it won't let me recharge. O M G my son my mum I panic I got to live chat they can help optus helps there customers right right. WRONG. 12.36am chat starts after 50 minutes cAnt help u go buy a voucher I'm in hospital he tells me get your mum too it's 1am is he kidding. I ask to speak to supervisor 50 minutes later yes a total of 100 minutes after him repeatedly telling me to end chat and to buy a voucher tomorrow too bad and I refused I needed to call and I know they can put some credit for me to make the call. He finally tells me just so I could end chat here's $10 make your phone call but don't ever contact us for credit ever again and you won't get any. Like as if I call or chat every day for credit I have never ever called or asked for free credit OMG they could have put me $10

109 minutes ago and I could have made the call then slept to start recovery instead nearly 2 hours then he gives me the $10 as if I'm some scum bag who did all this and 2 hr chat for $10 and like as if he lost and he was devastated to give it to me so had to try and think like he was hurting me by saying you will never get credit from us. Hang on I was trying to buy my own $60 credit.  If you check my bills just this week I've purchased over 5 add ons and spend $50 just in the last few days. I don't ever call or chat for credit I buy and I don't hold back. Last time I bought 6 add ons in one day for my kids to use my wifi. So how dare they waste that much of my time over $10 and the reason I am writing and not talking to my son was my mum who was waiting this whole time by the phone (it's a land line they don't have WhatsApp or imsg) she said he couldn't wait any longer and went to bed at 1.30 I had been talking to optus for 60 minutes at 1.30am im devastated completely feel humiliated and disrespected and I will show anyone my account how much add ons I buy and never short change optus I also connected my mums home to there cable and pay on time I won't be connecting my new home that I'm moving into once recovered. I am also going back to amaysim when I can walk to the newsagent tomorrow down stairs.  I asked him at the how could they do this to me 2 hours over $10 

tomorrow I could walk down to the newsagent that's in the hospital and buy the voucher and then call and get the whole credit card issue fixed but instead they kept me 2 hours crying and distressed until they finally gave in and helped me but where acting like I only did it for $10

credit.  2 hours of chat for $10 I swear To god id pay theM Just so I could never ever chat I'm so upset I have photos of me in hospital crying   Cause I couldn't call and cause Shaun and bob refused to help 100 minutes of we can't help you sorry we can't do anything but all that time they could have put $10 and problem solved. I have pics of me trying to buy credit with a working funded PayPal and credit card with funds and I got mum to take a pic of my son sleeping near the phone.  Optus should be ashamed 100 minutes you scare my mum and son you make me feel like I'm a scum when it was your system that wouldn't recharge my working credit cards.  This shouldn't happen to anyone ever again. 

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I hope the surgery went better than the credit top up. 


I'd be more upset at the hospital. For some reason unable to provide a phone? And not one nurse even said I'll call and let your Mum know you're OK? 


If you are ever in the situation where you need to make an important call again, but have no credit then you can always use Telstras Reverse Charge from any phone anytime. Dial 1800 NO CASH or 12550




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Re: Devastated from live chat treatment


Certainly sounds like the whole situation was handled terribly and not the experience we want you to have. Feel free to send me a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB so I can review the transcripts for feedback.

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