Delivery missed with Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headset offer

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Hey guys, 


I recently signed up for a new plan where you receive the bonus Beats.


As I work long hours I had to put down my parents address (not knowing they would request ID). Anyway as I wasn’t present they couldn’t deliver, so I’m just curious as to how I go about getting them myself? Do you usually leave them at a post office? 

Ive had no response from Optus so I’m a little lost.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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Just the same as any parcel requiring a signature/ID verification. If the addressee is not present, it will go to the nearest Post Office with a slip to pick it up. Take said slip + ID + yourself to said post office and collect.

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Yes, I was hoping for that but unfortunately StarTrack did not leave a slip to do so. Is it possible I can just go to the post office and ask without that and just provide ID?

Ive spent hours with Optus trying to resolve this and they just keep generating new promo numbers to repeat the whole cycle over again. 

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From what you have described I am assuming it was deemed as an unsuccessful delivery which is why the agents appear to be repeating the process again.

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Their delivery services leave a lot to be desired so no surprises. They should have left a ticket but you don't need one. Requisite ID should suffice & pick up from PO. Optus reps should have told you that on first call. But I can imagine what you got as I've had analogous experiences. Call them again & tell them next step is TIO (they'll love that). Don't take anymore mumbo-jumbo, make it clear, fix the problem now or next phone call is the ombudsman. This is a straight forward issue & easily fixed. You shouldn't have to make repeated calls & if you persist chances are you'll keep getting the run around.

I'd remind Optus of their CEO's comments some months back plus your recent TIO complaints stats. We need the competition & no one wants to see you fail, but you really need to sort yourself out. 

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