Delivery/Cancellation Error


I had pre-ordered a S9+ on March 9th but cancelled it the next day. I was told the phone was on the way so I had to reject it when it comes for delivery. I wasn't at home so the phone was redirected to the post office. 

Fast forward 8 days, I go to post office to collect another delivery that I had but the staff there gives me two parcels since they had my address and name on it. The staff scanned the parcel and gave me the optus package too! I rejected it right after and told him to return it. Soon after I get a message from optus about the change of my plan and I see 167 AUD in my optus app billing page!

It's been 3 months now, I've paid over 300 dollars in bill that could have lasted me for 10 months in previous plan.  More than 8 live chats and calls have been made but always ends up with someone blaming on other department for delays and telling me to wait 48 hrs to change my plan back. I can't pay 85 dollars every month for 2 years when I haven't even touched the phone.

Re: Delivery/Cancellation Error


Ring Customer Service and ask them to Lodge it as a Complaint, and get a reference number to have it esculated to a Case Manager to handle, or ring the Cancelation Team on 1300555241 and go through the Menu Options and ask them to Waive the Charges and remove the plan from your account for the phone that was returned. 

Re: Delivery/Cancellation Error


Hey @5u5man - Thanks for reaching out via Yes Crowd, however it's disappointing that you've had over 10 contacts with us, with no change. 

Can you please private message me, with your mobile number, full name and DOB? Happy to investigate from my end. 

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