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New Contributor Katieebu
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Default Listing

Hey so i had money outstanding on an old account when closing that i was trying to pay back and i had no reception when cyclone debbie came through to make a payment because they WOULDN'T set up a direct debit then defaulted me for that but then later one optus added the bill to my current account and i had a debit collector email me for the last $12 of original fees and stated that i was infact defaulted WRONGLY because you cannot default someone for under $100 on the ORIGINAL bill without fees.

please direct me to the department i can call to have this fixed because I've been thrown around for years because of your mistake.

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Default Listing

For reference, it's actually greater than $150.00 for them to be credit list. It doesn't have to have "debt collection fees" added, it just simply needs to be above the trigger point. (Source here)


Your best bet, call during business hours and ask to speak to Financial Services (aka Credit Management) and give them the account number listed on the debt listing to review. If you have paid it, it should now be updated to at least PAID. But to have it removed, Optus need to do this through their "File Management Team" who ARE NOT customer facing.


If you've tried the above during business hours 0900-1700, I would suggest going down the path and getting them to investigate your claims and check. Because Optus wouldn't list something that doesn't meet the rules, and you can check your file via Experian, Equifax (formerly Veda) and D&B (Link here)

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