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Is there an Email address to lodge complaint?

I have been charged much more, which is different to what we agreed and contracted over telephone!

Wasted approximately 3 hrs in total over telephone to resolve, no joy.

I want to hear my audio contract and conversation leading to the contract, but they declined saying its against their policy!

This is pure deception!!

Has anybody else experienced similar?

Do I go to TIO or VCAT?

Will much appreciate some assistance.

Kind regards

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Respected Contributor

Re: Deception!!

No emaila ddress for complaints.


They do have an online form:


Also - if its your first bill then you need to have a look at:

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Deception!!

Agree with @GTFO ,


If its the first bill, they can get messy. Discounts can also be applied from the second bill etc. Can be best to wait for that.


Optus do have audio etc. and they should generally be available on request. If they can't provide it then they have no contract.


As a process your best bet is 


a) Contact Optus and determine what plan they think you are on (post here about what you think and someone may have a thought)

b) WRITE a letter to the complaints department. Its official, you'll get a number and answer in two weeks.

Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106

c) Move on to the TIO if that doesn't work, who will look to ensure the contract has been correctly upheld and force Optus if not.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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