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Occasional Contributor

Dec 8 ordered Apple Watch still not arrived

Ordered a plan in dec 8 Apple iPhone with Apple Watch 3

phone was the 8 plus

they sent me an normal 8 kept and gave to family member re ordered the iPhone 8 and watch online iPhone 8 Plus has arrived but still no watch? They don’t have an order number to give me for the watch claimed I hadn’t ordered it then on live chat web chat etc I got a supervisor to find it.


screenshot this convo incase next person didn’t read notes or there were none. Went back online you bet it.... no watch I tell them the date time of snapshots... oh yes we have that record here we will get someone to call you.


i have been shot through the throat in Afghanistan I’m a military operator. Oh ok we will have someone email you!!


wait and what’s that I still get phone calls no emails.


been escalated keep saying email not phone!! But no they keep phoning.


i can’t talk guys. I’m going nuts 27 hours on web chat later fixed numerous account issues thelive chatoperators have stuffed up i now only have one where is my iPhone Apple watch

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