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New Contributor cannotafford
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approximately 3 months ago I added an extra 6GB to my [phones data plan which was originally 10. I did this at a time when my house mates had cancelled my wifi thinking that at the end of the period I could remove this extra and according to the customer service when I contacted them they confirmed that it could be and had been removed . However the following bill cycle I start getting texts saying that I had used it all despite the fact that I had another 110GB on my service. However, this is not the issue. The issue is that I have attempted to get this extra 6gb removed from my plan 3 months in a row, in store, online and over the phone to no avail whatsoever. I even contacted financial hardship. Despite multiple instnaces of it being confirmed that it had been removed it has not. I find it extremely misleading that I could click a button obn the extras section of the myaccount website that confirmed that I had removed the extras but it has clealry not and I continue to experience significant financial hardship as a result of this. This has ruined optus for me. My personal circumstances have changed and I have attempted to communicate this to optus to np avail. I am now left with 100's in extrta billing that I cannot afford at all. I have to opt to pay it rather than enjoy my life so that I don't have to fear that I am breaching any kind of contract. 

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RetiredModerator Mike-N

Re: Data

Hello cannotafford. Sorry to hear that you've had trouble removing the extra 6GB of data from your service. If you send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name, and date of birth, we'll take a look at why it hasn't been removed and help you adjust any incorrect bills. 

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