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Hi there everyone

I am currently an Optus customer with the Mobile TV Streaming, Music Streaming, Optus sport and National Geographic App in the entertainment field. I have been using Netflix on save data mode and using spotify and really enjoying it.


However, when i go and check my data breakdown on the Optus App for Andriod, Netflix appears to be taking up data. When i go online to check i also have a limited amount left. I have almost gone over my limit and scared i might be charged the extra Gbs.


Did i not setup Mobile TV streaming properly or is it just displaying my overall usage, will i be charged?


Much help will be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Data usage


Yep a common trend on here so it would be good if Optus did more to fix this for customers. 


Firstly, make sure that your data free steaming is activated. It most likely is as Optus is activating it by default these days but best to be sure. Log into My Account and at the top of the screen just under the black Optus bar you should see "sport and entertainment". Click this and follow the prompts. 


Secondly, it's important to note that the data breakdown in the app shows all usage used, including the data free usage. So while it looks like Optus is charging you for Netflix, spotify etc it most likely isn't, they're just highlighting what you've used for that month, If you go back 1 screen to the overall usage for the monthly, that figure there should show you what you've used EXCLUDING anything that's data free. The same applies when logging into My Account. 


So long story short, ignore what the data breakdown says when it comes to the data free streaming services.

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