Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?



I am having this data usage show up in data breakdown. 

It is now march 19 and the problem was being reported in Oct 18.

From reading these posts the common theme is YouTube misrepresented as xunlei. 

Can this pleased be confirmed by someone so I don't have to worry  about data being stolen, as this is what it looks like 




Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Just identified the same issue on my usage as of 21 Mar 19 - have optus come up with a soulution/excuse yet?

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Fairly sloppy move by Google/YouTube not renaming Xunlei/Thunder to something a bit less communist regime sounding, considering the lack of trust most of the world holds towards China and their alleged web fiddling. How do we know our personal details aren't being back doored every time we watch (or not watch) something. How do you? Besides deleting it. I have anti-virus software on galaxy but nothing's impossible to get around for cyberscum. I'm sure Google/YouTube are going to give a rat's about a little data theft. Sh_tbook didn't until they got found out.

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