Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Mine appears to have stopped on 05/10 with a small amount of data used. It took 4% in total. 

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


I disabled background data usage for the youtube app on October 5 and stopped seeing xunlei usage after that.

Xunlei thunder


Seriously Optus, back in my day there was a thing called customer service, you guys are missing the mark. 

Live chat is a waist of time, I have msgd three different people and let’s just say I am more frustrated now then I  was before. 


I am gerring data data usage showing that I have not used, apparently I am downloading something called xunlei /thunder I haven not , nor would I ever download something under this description. But here is the best bit apparently you do not believe me or the other 50 people who have sent the same complaint. 

The fact that you think this is our problem and that your system doesn’t make errors is beyond my comprehension of what customer service really is. You are no charging me for Data I have not used, I would like to actually speak to someone that can assist or host tell me what my payout is so that I can change providers ... 


Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Found a website that might help out. Hope it helps. I'm still looking into it as I have some problem with 20% data getting chewed up with this

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Ive got the same issue showing on my data usage and have no idea what this Xunlei/Thunder is.. 

Re: Xunlei thunder


I seemed to have solved the issue for my phone. An app or a programe that I may have downloaded turned on NFC which enables phones to directly share Data ( found in connected devices with Bluetooth etc). Once I turned this off, I no longer have had Xunlei use my Data. Hope this helps

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Holy tinfoil hats batman.  Cybersecurity is ever important these days but I fear the kind of baseless scaremongering in previous posts saying it's China stealing our dataz, or crypto mining.. however that would work (mining requires lots of CPU.. not lots of data), creates undue panic and the wrong ideas among others. 


Whether Google have a stake in Xunlei and use them in their backend somewhere or not, I take from the fact it's only Optus users, and I assume Optus can verify eventually, it suggests Optus is incorrectly categorizing YouTube data as Xunlei, where as it should probably just show as YouTube. 

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Ok, I wonder why then it was showing in my data usage for every time I just turned on my mobile data just to check the weather or emails.   I very rarely watch YouTube on my mobile.

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


It was quite a bit of usage on my plan too, around 800mb, more than I'd normally attribute to YouTube, perhaps it's another data type being miscategorised.  It's usually the most boring answer :-)

Re: Xunlei thunder


Hey @CkS777 - apologies for the runaround you've had trying to get assistance with this one. We noticed data usage being recorded for Xunlei and one of other moderators here raised it with our back-end team.


The usage appears to be related to YouTube and may have been caused by an update from them. Many customers have noticed this usage stop since 04/10-05/10. Are you still seeing Xunlei/Thunder usage on your end after those dates? NFC may also be related as well.

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