Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Has anyone encountered a weird usuage on their optus data by service called "Xunlei/Thunder"? . It shows that Xunlei/Thunder (file sharing) is a BitTorrent client. Not totally sure why this came as I havent use any myself.
I hope I am not the only one. Hope someone will come up with a legit answer.


Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Where's the data being used? On your phone or in a mobile broadband device?


Can you think of anything you use your phone for that might use a peer to peer network? Do you mine crypto currency? You've already said no to downloading torrents but do you stream music or tv/movies from anywhere outside of the main streaming services like Netflix and Stan? 

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Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Hi SamSam,
Thanks for the reply. I am using data on my phone. I do not mine any stuffs about crypto. I do not play any games, no downloading any stuffs or even stream movies/music from anywhere. My main usuage is Youtube and Optus sports thats all.  The % of usuage seems increasing from yesterday but all I have done is watch Youtube. Not sure where this got into. 



Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


The company seems to have fingers in a bunch of pies. BlockChain, Media Player, Downloader etc. It could just be a false positive by Optus (they guess a bit on what data is what). If you can have a scroll through data usage by app and see if any leap out as possibly related (i.e. not your stock standard apps?)


Peter Gillespie

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Looks like not just me unfortunately. Few others have the same issues lately (

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


I have had the same thing pop up on my mobile data usage. Several calls and chats woth Optus have yielded nothing.


Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


I have also had this issue in the past few days and was wondering what it was. Has only been happening since Thursday and apparently I have used it everyday without even knowing what it is? Last time I had something unknown taking data it was an app that had sideloaded something else and was using data and phone battery life even when I wasn’t using the offending app. Also tried Optus live chat but they were no help... would appreciate an answer if somebody knew. 

Thanks Smiley Happy 

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Also looking for a decent answer on this!


It's definitely something that's changed recently; no Xunlei in any other month until the 22nd. I haven't changed my usage so what's going on? 

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


Perhaps we can narrow down the apps being used on the phones.  I could have been running a VPN and or the game Clash Royal.  What about others?

Re: Data usage by service called "Xunlei/Thunder" ?


I have also have the same issue. I don't really use any other apps other than Facebook, YouTube, netflix. I also use comic rack very regularly. First time it used data was the 21st of September so I would assume that it was an app that updated which is chewing the data. 

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