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Occasional Contributor over60something
Occasional Contributor

Data usage and 1gb=$10

Im new to this but i need to buy 

Data usage and 1gb=$10


needed it for 4 days then


account reset 


what happens to my unused Mb are they simply ripped from me and thrown away or are they credited to this months usage.


thank you 




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Re: Data usage and 1gb=$10

Hi O60S,


The 1Gb data top up is automatic. You should get an SMS every time Optus top you up another 1Gb (and charge you $10 for it on your next bill). The data is very expensive an unfortunately if you don't use it you don't get to keep it. Same as any unused amount of your normal monthly allowance (you don't get any money back if you use no data for a month). 


You might like to investigate pre-paid options as the plans are largely as good as post paid plans these days. They also have added benefits of rolling over unused data in some cases.


Another option righ now is to possibly turn off your phone's newtork data and just use wifi data until the month resets? If that's a workable option.


Peter Gillespie

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