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I’m trying to share my husband’s data with my daughter’s new iPad. When we spoke with Optus today we were told it would cost $25 a month to access his existing data... this didn’t seem right?!?! 

Does anybody know how I can get a sim to share his data for this iPad instead of hot spotting every time. 


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here is some info on data sharing


looks like you would need a new plan for the ipad. I the past there was companion like sim for around $5 where you can use on your devices, dont think that is avaliable.

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Re: Data share

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Yes that sounds right to me. They don't have sim share as such and they would simply put you on the smallest data plan possible. This will then be put on the same account as your husband and subsequently shared with any other data on his plan.


Edit: The smallest data only sim plan is $25.

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