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So I was looking into Optus mobile plans, and one thing I have always priased Optus for is their data share sims, I know they used to be a one of $5 fee and would like to an account (with a maximum of 5 services/sims). From everything I am seeing this is no longer available, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong (on a free sim, not an extra paid service).


Telstra offer a similar service, but they charge an extra $5 a month for this same thing which gives you 100MB of data, I know you can buy a mobile data sim and link it to your account, but at the very cheapest that is around $10 for ~ 1GB. Whilst I am not going to dispute Telstra has more coverage across the country than Optus, these days Optus has very good service in Urban and regional areas, and I rarely go to places that only Telstra service, so I would be happy to switch from Telstra to Optus.


The fact that Telstra is offering this service and Optus has gone backwards on it astounds me! At the very least Optus should bring back the service and match what Telstra offer - $5 a month for a data share sim, or better yet, give a reasonable data plan for the $5 to better what Telstra offer.


I have noticed Optus services on the decline for some time, and they are getting more sneaky with taking away the extras that bring people to Optus. My wife and I are also going to move our NBN away from Optus, as they have recently hiked their NBN plans by $10 a month to then offer a $10 discount to mobile customers, that is immoral in my opinion, considering many other NBN providers are about $5-20 cheaper than Optus (TPG for example). As long as they are trying to tie up my services by boosting the price $10 to them offer a "loyalty" discount, I will have none of it, if they truely want to look after loyal customers they will give discounts on competitive prices, not inflate the price to then offer a discount. 


The other issue is Optus has removed a lot of flexibility from their plans, when I was with Optus 10-15 years ago they would call me 3-4 months before the end of my plan to see if I wanted an early upgrade, these days you can't even upgrade without paying an early termination fee... no option to carry the costs over to the new plan, or extend the new plan... if I have 2 months left on my plan, why not just get me to sign a 24+2 month contract, as if you sign me early I will stay, if not, I may go elsewhere at the end of the plan...


Again, taking away the data share sim option completely is a lowering of services and standards that so many customers want, and I have spoken to many who have switched to other low cost carriers such as Vodafone, TPG, Aldi, Kogan etc because Optus is offering poor service and options. Optus need to start caring about customers again or people will continue to turn their back on them, Optus is starting to get a love-to-hate relationship like Telstra or Adam Goodes, at least the later two are Australian...


Please Optus consider looking after your customers, and providing a service that keeps them coming back, you only exist because people wanted something better than the Monopoly Telstra was offering, and now you are going down the same path they did, Vodafone and TPG are where you were 15-20 years ago and will likely be the favorites if you don't look after your customers.


With small children, I am going to be buying a number over services over the next two decades, and a Telco that provides the best services with ancillary benefits such as easy and flexible upgrades, data share sims, and other little extras that make the service more valuable than the simple $$$ cost (not including "Perks" which most people don't use - they are equivent to a week day happy hour lunch beer - noone does that any more)...

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The problem is that you want Optus because it's way cheaper, but then you don't like them charging more for a shared SIM. Swings and roundabouts.


>>I know you can buy a mobile data sim and link it to your account, but at the very cheapest that is around $10 for ~ 1GB.


I think it's now $20, after the recent price hikes after they sold all the cheap data

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You are correct, I value that Optus mobile plans are cheaper, at the same time it is rare that a company charges 2-4 what its competitor charges for a service. I know the data share sim Optus used to provide is a sore point for many customers... I am not advocating continuing to give it to us for free, but at the very least match Telstra by charging $5 a month per additional sim, rather than expecting customers to sign up for a whole new service. Half the point of a data share sums so you can put it into a dongle or other device to provide the data so that you don't need to tether... but I will simply continue to use tethering and continue to be less satisfied with the service... when a sim can be provided at much lower cost, it should be provided for customer satisfaction rather than another bite at the profit cherry... I don't think that asking for a fairer price for a data share sim compared to other competitors plansis unreasonable... they can choose not to do so and many customers will continue to be less satisfied with their service... why should they ask customers for feed back if something reasonable like this cant be suggested... preferably I'd like it free, but those days are likely gone so cheaper the next best thing.


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