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So on Saturday the 20/10 my data was due to reset for the new cycle, I am on a 14gb per month data plan. Instead of reseting back to 14gb it set itself to 0. I only realised when I checked on my app that my data was displaying as negative and I had been given 1gb for $10. I've included a screenshot below of the app. This is really irritating and I've been told by one person they can't do anything until my next bill, I was then told by another person that it seems like an error and to give time for it to sort itself out in 12-24 hrs but to contact if it didn't fix AND that I would be reimbursed any money I paid for extra data. I contacted them again after it hadn't fixed itself and I got another person who told me that if my app hasn't updated by Tuesday 23/10 they would be in contact, and this person told me I could only be reimbursed for 2gb of data which is a pain because I use it every day of the week for work! I don't know what they mean by waiting for the app to update because I have been updated it and refreshing it non stop, when I log in to my Optus Account on a computer I get displayed the exact same. I pay every bill on time and I never exceed my data limit so it must be an error..


Has ANYONE had this happen before?

Screenshot of optus app


Re: Data reset error

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Not a great situation to be in. Its a pretty central requirement on Optus to provide accurate usage and billing information. Particularly as getting it wrong or being delayed can result in many unwanted (and unstoppable) data top ups. Optus get this wrong more than they should.


Being told its all be OK and that Optus will review the situation down the track is not a satisfactory response IMO when it will be the customer that potentially ends up footing the bill. Unfortunately it would appear that Optus often can't interogate its own systems to find out what is going wrong in realtime. They likely have no idea why the app is showing erratic figures and can't see much more than you can about what is being loaded onto your account right now. 


This is no doubt frustrating for staff and you but you will have to wait until a bill is physically issued and any fees appear as a line item. Only then can Optus credit or cancel a charge that is unwarranted. The good news is that IME Optus do usually make up for the initial issue and response with effective action once its possible. i.e. you should get it all sorted out in the end, but you will just have to sweat it out until then.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Data reset error


Yes just as I had thought. The reassurance is appreciated though. I haven't really had any problems like this and I'm into my third year with Optus so you don't really expect to be affected by errors. I do love their customer support though everyone is so nice, just not necissarily the most helpful or informative. Judging by last month I got my bill emailed on the 24th so I'll have a few days to wait still.


This stuff always happens when you don't need it to! Thank you for your response!

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