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Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate


Hi there,

I have 4 x family mobile services on the one account. A couple are older and have 3Gb and 4Gb allowance, and the two newer onces have 10GB and 30GB. So 47GB all up.

My 16yr old son has quickly become a data hog over the last few months, using 35-40GB of the share and reducing data for us so we hit the extra $10 fee per GB if not careful.


Yes, i know that through some work witrh Optus that I can disable his data.


Rather than this, is there any way to

1. Share out the data evenly say around 10GB each. ( Not just de-consolidate the account as then some get 3GB, one gets 30GB)

2. Turn off the auto $10 charge for 1GB





Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate


Short answer is no to both of your questions unfortunately.


Sounds like you're already across your remaining options given your post so I want relay them again

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate


What phone does your son have?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate


A Samsung S10 on a smaller 4GB plan. If I split him off on this native plan, and there is no way to stop the $10 / 1GB auto-increase, it will be too dangerous and open up to excessive billing.


Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate

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Ideal. Learning to manage data usage is a key life skill these days and you should be able use the opportunity this presents without too much downside risk. Following is a suggestion you can tweak as you need. 


NB. With teens I find being very clear on the responisibility and outcomes up front - they'll take any excuse to wriggle around to it somehow not being what you agreed and not their fault.


1) Tell him he has plenty of wifi options (including your home wifi?) so he should be using that when possible.

2) Pick an amount of the family quota you're happy to pay for (10Gb seems about right?)

3) Set a monthly billing cycle and Data Limit (of 9.5Gb) and Warning Limit (of say half (5 Gb)) on his phone.


Its important to note he can change these values as he wants however make it clear you know this but that 10Gb is his maximum allowance. The phone will automatically shut off his data when 9.5Gb is reach and he should not re-enable it for the rest of the month (it will do so itself atthe start of the cycle.). Essentially to 'accidentally' exceed his quota he would have to go turn off these settings manually.


You have a number of check options - But easiest is to track user total usage real time in the Optus App (just hit DATA POOL button). You should see him exceed 10Gb long before he uses your entire monthly allowance so the risk of $10 topups would be low. You can also see individual user usage in your Optus Bill although that's after the fact. Note that while the Optus checks might take a little time to come through, the local data limit on your son's phone is immeadiate, accurate and real time.


All this is to give him the responsibility without too much downside on your part. The bit you need to decide is how to handle an over run. Perhaps even let him decide which "punishment" he wants. Bearing in mind an overrun is only really possible if he disables the phone data limit himself, personal thoughts of varying degrees for me might be 


1) He gets the phone taken off him for the rest of the month.

2) He has to pay the $10 (or say $5) per Gb top up (using the Gb he went over the limit by not the family limit)

3) Shut the data off for his phone via calling Optus for 10,20 or 30 days. (Calls, Wifi and SMS all still work)

4) Take out his SIM and give him an Optus $10 My Prepaid Plus SIM you bought. Set his phone number to divert automatically to the new SIM number via the Optus App or My Account (or he just uses the new number for a month). This comes with 5Gb a month data (that can not be exceeded however tell him he's free to by a Top Up any time if he pays for it). Perhaps mention you're happy to by 5Gb this way each month if he can't stick to the 10Gb limit.


Now he knows the sticks, the other option you have is the carrot component. After say 15-20 days in the cycle you can review the whole family usage amount and if you have plenty of data left you can let him temporarily increase the limit for that month to say 15Gb or more. You might even tweak the base allocation he gets if you keep ending up under the monthly family limit.


Anyway those are some thoughts, but if you really want to gurantee usage then you'd probably just have to go prepaid. The PrePaid option above comes in a 10Gb for $20 a month option that you could use permanently for example.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie


PS The only variable I can see is that Optus also provides free data on various streaming sites (Netflix etc.) Make sure this is turned on for your account. The difficulty is that while your son's phone will still count this free data its not actually eating up your monthly family allowance. You could tell your son if he does hit the limit to let you know and you can check the actual pool usage as far as Optus is concerned. If it shows for example only 2Gb of usage by him you could safetly allow him to up his phone limit another 8Gb etc. Note this issue is conservative so it will only ever mean he has less data to use not more.


Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate

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Yes pls specify your phone...And some specifications related to it..It would make us easier for us to help u My Pasco Connect

Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate


Thank you Peter for your advice and careful consideration of the best way forward. I wasn't aware of this monthly billing feature on Samsung/Android nor all the other facts you listed.


Overall you have some great advice here - really appreciate your time in typing it up and posting.


all the best


Re: Data pool - allocate or de-consolidate

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No probs A,


My 12 year old is just on a prepaid 1Gb a month at the moment but I anticipate moving him across to the family plan in the next few years. Was good to work it out in my own head. Smiley Happy And thanks for saying thanks.


Peter Gillespie

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