Data only SIM compatibility with phones


Does Optus support using a data only SIM in a phone? 

From a tech perspective it should work, but will Optus support that setup? 


Specific case: I have an S10 and S7. I want a data SIM in the S7 to serve as a hotspot. 


The compatible device link in the data SIM product doc links to the general 4G compatibility page, so at face value it appears to be supported. 

Re: Data only SIM compatibility with phones

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I have used one before but I do vaguely recall it's either not support or not permitted. It may have been Telstra where I read that but I can't be sure.


Edit: Just had a good look through the forum and I can't see anything to say you can't. Maybe it was my imagination where I read you couldn't. I do doubt they would offer support on it. I guess you could always jump on the chat and find out.


Maybe this is what I read.

Re: Data only SIM compatibility with phones


why waste a good phone? how about use a 4G portable router for under $20? 

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