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I have two Optus mobile services, a mobile phone pre-paid account, recharged automatically each month, and a pre-paid mobile broadband device, where I opt for the $130 plan, which includes 40GB of data for use in Australia within 365 days. My problem is I do not get an alert when I am nearing my limit (perhaps they send an SMS to my dongle service number!!!) and I only find out when I suddenly lose my Internet access. As I am a share trader, this loss of service can cost me big bucks. If I try to set up an automatic recharge the only option is to set a time period rather than a minimum data threshhold figure, which does not suit my circumstances. If I try to check my usage online the help articles suggest either using the MyOptus app or My Account. I tried setting up the MyOptus app on one of my mobile devices but the first thing it did was send an SMS security code to my mobile dongle. Really helpful, Optus! So I tried My Account but it only listed my mobile phone service and no obvious link to "add a service". YES Optus, that would have been logical.  So I read all the knowledge articles and just kept going round in circles with no clear answer if the service is not "shared". I am close to going back to Telstra which I swore I would never do.


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I ran into the same problem when setting up my pre-paid mobile broadband with My Account. Not the best set up process I agree but you can work around it. I think with most, if not all, of the prepaid dongles there is a wen interface that will allow you to access SMS sent to it so you'd be able to retrieve the code. I can't find online instructions but I believe you access this by logging into the device itself which would most likely be via


Alternatively, you can do what I did which was to go onto Live Chat and have them bypass the SMS code and get My Account and the App set up that way. Live chat link is here -

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Thanks SamSam, the device interface in a web browser worked a treat, though the IP address was actually Lo and behold, on the SMS tab were all my four digit access codes and usage alerts. Now I just need to work out how to get an email alert instead of SMS so I don't have to monitor it manually.

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If you have an Optus HUAWEI device you can download there app & every time you recharge you can enter it into app

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