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New Contributor
New Contributor

Data Alerts

I was curious to find out what my current data usage was so I logged into my account to find out the answer.

Sure enough I was able to easily get that information but based on what I found in the FAQ I should not have bothered.

From the FAQ page there is this question and answer:

> Is the data usage meter real time?
> Usage is typically updated within 4 hours but may take up to 48 hours.

If the data usage meter can be running two days late then I think it is disingenuous to be calling it a meter.

That two day delay renders any data usage value meaningless and puts the the user, your customer, at a greater risk of blowing there data allowance.

Looking at the alerts I can also see no indicate in that message that the data usage found in the alert could be as much as two days out.

Call me cynical but I guess this might be the whole point, as it greatly increases the risk of a further charge when the limit is breached.

At a minimum those SMS alerts should carry a warning stating the reported data usage can be two days out.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Data Alerts

To put things in perspective, if you have a prepaid account with Optus then the second you go 1kb over your limit they know and shut you off. Yet post paid its sometime over the next few days and if you happen to run up a bunch of $10 excess data usage fines well so be it. Until recently Optus would auto top customers up to 150 times in a month (after that they'd cut you off)

Its a rort and its shameful and with any luck the ACCC will one day go after them for it.