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I am on a daily plus plan which means I get charged only on the days I use the phone. However it appears that even thouhg my mobile data is turned off, a 6kb data is deducted randomly which means I get charged the daily pluas charge. I have been to the Optus centre and they were not really helpful

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Some devices use data even when you turn the phones data off.

Normally its for Telemetry like location services and if you turn that off then numerous apps get quite upset.

Perhaps the only way to track it down would be to reset the phones data usage meter then at the end of the day with the data still off - go have a look to see what app used the data and see if it can be turned off within the app itself?

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I'm not sure you can do anything but call each time it happens and request a refund (Which should be forthcoming). 


Optus really should put an unofficial line under when this charge is activated. Its the equivilent of sending out bills demanding 1c payments etc. The system is obviously not robust enough not to occasionally get a false positive bit of data so Optus should be only applying the data fee after say 100kB is used for the day. That's small enough to be useless to a customer but big enough not to be tripped by a wayward piece of data.


Peter Gillespie

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We have also had many problems with the "My Prepaid Daily Plus" plan.

I thought this plan would be good for my daughter, who only uses her phone occasionally.

But it frequently charges her $2 even when she does not use the phone.

Every time this happens, I have to ring up and the same thing happens.

At first, the Optus person argues with my and tries to give some explanation about the charge.

Then eventually they back down, admit it was a mistake, and agree to refund the $2.

It has happened so many times.  Clearly there is something wrong with the system.


Now today I checked again and I find they took out $8 in one day last week.

Supposedly, this is impossible under this plan, which has a maximum $4 per day ($2 plus another $2 if you go over the data limit, which she didn't).  I am currently trying to dispute this with them yet again.


It is so frustrating that this happens so often.

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Like Premium SMS plans (thankfully of past) the $2 a day plan is rigged to cost users more than they should in small amounts. Phones can be turned off all day, or download 1kb of data and Optus will debit the $2 in a hit and miss fashion. No one's going to court over $2, no one can prove they didn't use 1kb and most people wither don't notice or could be bothered wasting an hour each time it happens to recredit the $2. 


Customers should make up their own mind the worth of the product. 


Optus should introduce a minumum of say 200kb "free" data on this plan to ensure background "glitches" don't trip it up.


Peter Gillespie

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