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I have a Optus SIM as a secondary SIM in my Android phone to test Optus coverage as in thinking of churning across. 


At the moment it's mainly turned off and activates when there no/low coverage from my current provider.


How can I check my balance WITHOUT activating the sim? The Optus app only works if I'm connected to the Optus network and by doing so starts my daily plus $2 charge.  So it costs me $2 just to check my balance.


Is there a web interface for prepaid balances?  I've looked but can't find one...  Then I can check my balance without "burning" my credit.



Re: Daily plus account information


Think I finally worked out how to get my account  to regiater my prepaid number Smiley Happy 

Re: Daily plus account information


Hi @ Limbo - Thanks for the update. Please note you can check your balance or usage in My Account.  Let us know if you need a hand with anything else. 

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