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Customer support to prepaid mobile SIM

Purchased 120GB for 365 days PREPAID SIM through the Optus website and received it.

I then went on the Optus website and tried to activate this SIM card, with a selected mobile number provided by Optus.

Unfortunately, it failed the first time I tried to activate it. When I tried the second time, it failed once again with the reference: PPACT-SIMVAL-0006. It was accompanied by the explanation that a prepaid activation order using this SIM number is underway and that activation may take up to 4 hours to complete.

However, as it has already been over 12 hours it seems that there are currently shortcomings in the activation process.

I would appreciate assistance with this matter as I have already called the Optus customer support and was left on hold for over 50 minutes before being able to talk to a staff member. Even then the matter was not resolved as after this long wait of almost an hour, there were connection issues and the person on the other end of the call abruptly disconnected after claiming to not have been able to hear me clearly.

This experience has been very disappointing as I have been a customer at Optus for over 15 years and currently have three more post-paid contracts with Optus. This lack of help from customer support has been causing me to reevaluate my provide, for a more reliable one.

BTW, I sent multiple times of messages through my Optus App but nothing responded/resolved this issue by the time when I post this complaint.

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Re: Customer support to prepaid mobile SIM

The issue has been resolved by the staff member in Adelaide!

I was lucky to get a chance to connect to Adelaide call center and was advised to buy a 2 dollars prepaid SIM and she would do the activation in her end at 2 pm today. 

How is wonderful stuff in Optus Adelaide, she called me at 2 pm as promised and guess what, all process completed within 8 minutes. A comparison I have wasted more than 8 hours since yesterday I would recommend you could try my way if you would have a similar experience.