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Customer Service Email Address ?


Is there any email address out there with a bit of authority as I can't seem to find one. I've been trying to resolve an issue since November and I've tried the live chat and called many times. They assured me they would fix the issue but nothing's fixed and my service has just been restricted. I find getting in contact with Optus is so ridiculously difficult


Re: Customer Service Email Address ?


There isn't an email you can just write too...


Your best bet, given the fact you've tried escalating it, would be and fill out a complaint form. They will respond to discuss your escalation further.

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Re: Customer Service Email Address ?


That's because it IS ridiculously difficult



1. Ring the Optus number--only a fool with endless patience and about 45 spare minutes to press buttons would do this!

2. Go to the web site--possibilities,  but severely restricted by needing technical advice

3. Write a letter  EXCELLENT response

4. Make an online complaint--nothing will haoppen whatsoever

5. Don't pay your account--THEY WILL RING YOU!

6. Complain to the Ombudsman - effective, but ultimately begs the question:

What is a Telco giant doing with such abysmal service and communication skills????

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