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New Contributor Balajimca
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Credit Check Declined

I have applied online SIM only 12M contract plan. I have placed orders 4 to 5 times and till now there is no update on date. When I called Customer Care it's been almost 1.5hrs the call is going back and forth and finally they told Credit Check declined, we will send mail why it's has been declined. It's been more than a month but till now I haven't received any further information.


I am using Optus Service almost 3 years and I paid all the Bills on time. I never missed any bills. Really no idea how to take it further.

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Re: Credit Check Declined



There is no way to take it further. Optus staff submit your details to a credit agency and the answer comes back as a single word (accepted or declined). No explanation is given and it can not be reviewed. After being declined you need to wait three months before Optus will consider a new application.


FWIW Optus staff also have no idea as to why you have been declined (I know one said they would send an email but there is no such email). 


I totally agree that it shouldn't take so much efffort to get the result of your application. You should have been notified right away, whatever the outcome. Optus has done poorly here.


At this stage you should probably look into your credit rating to see what might be an issue. You can get a free report once a year - read here (note bdon't bother with all the scam paid offers online. They don't provide any more info than the free report and they can't fix your score). When dealing with a credit report the following might be of note:


1) Its a single number (out of 1000 or 1200) that indicates how likely you are to have a problem paying bills in the next two years. It also lists any bad credit issues you may have had in the past 8 years

2) Until very recently it only worked on bad credit events (so always paying your bills would not be noticed, but one late electricity bill would be)

3) Do you use credit products? Credit Cards, Home Loan, etc. If not then again little information for agencies to go on. How to get a good score

4) Multiple attempts to get credit in a short period can lower your score (so your 4-5 tries would count against you).


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

New Contributor Balajimca
New Contributor

Re: Credit Check Declined

Thanks Peter!!