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Hey everyone,


My ex-partner and I have linked accounts, how do I get her off my account as I am the account holder so we are no longer joined by phone account as she doesnt wish to pay her phone bill and I no longer have the money for it.

HELP please

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It sounds like you're not on the best of terms? Generally in this case there is an online form you fill out. Send her the link and she does her bit and your bills are split. You can also both sign a paper form you print online or get in store. 


The bad news is if she says no then you are still on the hook for the whole contract. Worse your up for any fees (now and in the future). So if for example she decides to just ignore her data limit then Optus will keep topping her up at $10 a GB for 150 times a month. You'll owe the $1500. 


So IMO I'd take the situation as one with serious downside potential. If you can, ask if she's happy to take over her part of the plan. If she's says no then let her know you will be cancelling the plan then and contract Optus and have data turned off. Cancel her plan organise the payout fee. 


As a possible option you could also cancel her SIM and get a new one delivered to you which you could give to a friend or family. That keeps the plan alive and you can get some help paying it over the normal time.


Make sure you set a new password on the account and that she didn't have any rights to your account.


As the account holder you can request Optus cut off data which might be a good first step as it is reversible any time and she may decide to be responsible.


But if not, you basically looking at paying off her phone which she may or may not give back to you.


Good luck


Peter Gillespie

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Thank you so much !!!

Do you have any idea as where I can find this paper work online or what it would be called. I need to split the bills into each others names as I cant deal with her any more. I just need to get away from her .

Thank you again

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Hey @eHouston - you can start a Change of Ownership request online. For more information on how to do this and for the online form, please visit our website here


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Sorry to hear it all went so pear shaped. Agree making a clean financial seperation where possible is a good course of action.


@GuyCS has linked the forms, but be aware both of you need to sign them (and Optus do a credit check on her) to complete the transfer


Peter Gillespie

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