Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


I use the train less now than I did a year ago but I am afraid that you are correct.


1. The service is still poor from Mentone to Caulfield

2. I see no acknowledgement that Optus has recognised this or intends to do anything about it


Pretty poor all round

Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


Guys I feel your pain I'm glad I'm not the only one


For me it's getting worse


I've been using the line for 8 years in that time


In that timre


I have never got a signal at Parkdale , mentone is hardly there 


Chelsea nada , approaching caulfield nothing. Edithvale very weak to nothing . Mordialloc I say depends on the alignment of the clouds ...


Toorak/Hawthorn forget it.


I'm sorry but it's the same stations everyday...makes it impossible to stream v(optus sport)

I get there's thousands of devices but what's the point of boasting about 5g when you cannot even sustain a 4g signal there IS a problem I'm glad people are starting to agree.


And before it's asked I've used several devices iPhone/Samsung Xperia (which supposedly has the fastest modem at the time);

een  with Optus for years but now I'm interested in moving networks so any suggestions would be welcome 


I'm happy to be corrected 



Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


Does anyone from Optus see this stuff?

Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


Yes but this is not something we can help with here on the forum.

Please see this recent thread for info on what upgrades have been made/underway to Victorian railways and what is involved.

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Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


I can't say that link gives me much comfort. I should think that fixing up localised blackspots on linear infrastructure and especially dealing with the new stations that have been set down 10 metres or so where crossings have been removed, would be a fairly straightforward exercise but nothing has happened for years. Given how heavily people use phones on trains, I would expect it to be a core focus of satisfying customer needs and providing a good service.

Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


I agree. I just moved here and in my previous city there was consistent 4G coverage for the underground train. I mean it’s a 7M people city and trains run underground (20-30 meters). It’s not impossible. 

Anyways, does someone have experience with Vodaphone on this line? I keep seeing people streaming music and videos every morning and it is making me jealous Smiley Happy I guess some network must offer good coverage there.

Re: Coverage on the Frankston line (VIC)


Same issues on Pakenham line. Call and data drop outs between South Yarra and Caulfield stations (to and fro). And also when travelled past these stations, generally receiving poor reception with call drop outs, both regular call and whatsapp.. Had the same issue with Telstra, was hoping it would work better on Optus 😕

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