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I've just called Optus to cancel a contract and refund the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. A satchel will be arriving within 5 business days for me to hand the device over. Once the cancellation is approved, will I be able to keep my current number? If not, will I get the chance to transfer the number to a new contract or provider? 


Re: Contract cancellation and refund


Hey @huydtrann

Generally this is something discussed when you organise the cancellation. If you've requested to cancel your service, a date would be set where the service would be ceased. The charges for the cancellation are charged automatically but when the equipment is received at our warehouse, a credit is applied to cover them. If you organise to transfer your service to another provider or move it to another contract, this would trigger the cancellation of your plan but your service would remain active. 


If you send us a private message we can take a look into your account and let you know what has been organised. When you send us a message, please confirm your:


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