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My mum never looks into her bills to check her usage and just pays them.

Once in awhile she gets a big bill because she's sometimes hours on the phone, but that's rare.

Recently it occured to her that her bills are consistently way over the monthly plan rate.

She was confused and horrified when she saw that she has been paying approx. $50 a month for content services for nearly a whole year now!! MOBILEACTIVE????

She has no idea what it is. I had no idea.


She's in her 60s and has a smartphone because of the big screen, but it's pretty much only used for calls.

No ringtones or games were downloaded and she would never subscribe to anything.


I've now read online that this has happened to a lot of people, not having subscribed to anything!!!

So, how is it possible that Optus allows that she is charged $5 twice simutaneously, at the same time once a week????

What are they charging for??? She has never recieved anything from this provider for the $50 a month!!


This is not right! We want the money back! 


I can't call customer services because I'm overseas and my mum's english is pretty poor. I looked everywhere on the optus site for an email adress to contact someone about this, couldn't find one!!!

Re: Content Services MOBILEACTIVE


Is ANYONE at OPTUS going to help me out here????


Re: Content Services MOBILEACTIVE


Premium content services have to be subscribed to one way or another mingky. We're happy to look into this though, we can also restrict further charges for premium content. If you require email contact you can get in touch with us here


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Re: Content Services MOBILEACTIVE


Hi Mingky,


Check the ACCC website, some of these 'service providers' are not companies- they are fraudulent entities set up to trick people into subscribing. This one that you mentioned appeared on our bill too- and I did not suscribe to it. Refer your problem to the telecommunications ombudsman or the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Comission) if it is not resolved by Optus. Or to the Telecommunications ombudsman.


I believe that I may have been duped when trying to close a pop up window that wouldn't close. Sometimes, they appear as a pop up quiz where you have to send your mobile no. to 'win a prize' or participate. 


If you search for the company and cannot find it, then it is not a legitimate company and you have been scammed.


The ACCC website has more info,and given the prevelance of these scammers, OPTUS should be investigating each claim, and referring those complained about to the ACCC. They should also be referring customers to the ACCC and warning of the scam, rather than stating that the customer must have subscribed to it themselves. However, admitting that they are aware of the scam may impose a legal obligation on them to verify 'content service providers' before billing on their behalf.  This may be why they refuse to acknowledge the problem. The ACCC are well aware of it though.



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I checked my mobile bill and was shocked to see MobileActive billing me every week for $4.55


I got a sim only mobile server and a share SIM which is being used on pocket wifi most of the time. These charges appears on the data only SIM, which raises an eyebrow to me. How come Optus allow that when calls are also not allowed on this share SIM.


I have never subscribed to this provider and wasnt aware of it.   I have moved my number to another provider and guess what.. Optus is still billing me for this service even though the number has been ported out.


I think MobileActive is a big scam going on. I also think its a big onus on Optus on how they allow subscription services ON by default. 95% of people wont be using this and if they do, they can call and get it active rather 95% people calling them to make it inactive.


Anyway looking for a refund now which I am told is 21 days. Any representative from optus can assist will be of great help.






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Can Optus please tell me how they are completely aware of this issue involving Mobile Active yet DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect their customers?


We have been scammed for a number of months by this company to the tune of $45 last month and $36 for previous months. OPTUS YOU ARE AWARE of the situation and the fact that many of  YOUR customers have unwittingly been signed up to content services that they DO NOT wish to have. How did I sign up? When? I have no interest at all being charged for something I have not been using.


I can assure you that if I am not repaid the full amount of which I have been scammed then I will be raising this issue with the telecommunications ombudsman and local media. I have already sounded out one media outlet who is interested in the story.


Once my contract is finsihed with Optus I WILL BE LEAVING. Your disgraceful internet speeds, deplorable customer service and now this makes me realise what a dreadful mistake I have made.




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Premium SMS is content offered by a third party provider, such as weather alerts, games, ringtones, chat services and much more. It's like subscribing to a service and, as attractive as they appear, they always incur a charge which will come through your pre-paid account or appear on your next post-paid bill. 


Please follow the link if you have any further enquiries on premium sms and content.

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As you and other Optus "support people" fail to understand is that I HAVE NOT WILLINGLY NOR KNOWINGLY signed up to any of these services.


Can you explain please how you have countless people on this forum and others that complain of the same issue. All to do with the same company and for some reason not being able to comprehend how they have been charged.


Additionally the charges all seem to be linked back their Optus acounts.


Thanks for the usual response that is frequesntly seen here. I will try one more reasonable avenue before having this fully investigated by a media organisation and the telecommunications ombudsman.


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How to unsubscribe Direct Carrier Billing

To unsubscribe from the content portal use one of the following options:

  • Access the site and go to your account or settings
  • Reply using the word ‘STOP’ to the number you’re receiving the messages from
  • Call the helpline number provided in the message you're receiving or on the content or media portal (e.g. a gaming and app store)
  • Follow the instructions under ‘Check your Content Usage’.  From here you're able to opt out or raise a complaint from this page directly to the content provider
  • Great advice Optus. How can I send stop to a subscription service I NEVER receive texts from? Its on a sim that is linked to my ipad I purchased through Optus. Not on my mobile phones.

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Hello I have the same problem with my husbands account..

They say he subscribed to this mobileactive almost 1 year ago and after calling them will only get a 3 month refund. Absolutely ridiculous!  I asked what online games are these? She said its a designing clothes game!!! As of my husband plays that! So angry! 


How did you go with your dispute?? Who is the best person to contact to get a FULL refund? 



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