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Contacting Optus to resolve a problem or complaint

Why does Optus make it so hard to contact them direct.

They list a phone number that is the most frustrating and ridiculous to use to try to actually talk to someone to resolve an issue or complaint.

I have had to press buttons 19 times to finally wait for twenty minutes to talk to someone who has been able to resolve the issue in a few minutes.

Whoever designed their answering message is obviously primarily sales oriented, but they never had to use it themselves to get to try to talk to someone when a problem does not fit the options they have listed. 

Why does Optus not list an email address that people can use for problems or complaints, or suggestions, but instead ask customers to use SNAIL MAIL, ie, POST A LETTER.

Wake up Optus, this is the 21st century, provide an email address, and change your attitude.

Try looking at things from the customers side and design your system so you are easier to contact PERSONALLY, your customers will be happier.

I would suggest that your answering service start with three simple selections, 1 Sales, 2 Financial, bills etc, and 3 Technical issues, and then branch out from these. That way it is a lot simpler for customers to reach the relevant  person they need to talk to.

Aside from the inability to contact you direct Optus, I have found your service very good.

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Re: Contacting Optus to resolve a problem or complaint

Its crazy that there is no email address that can be used to contact customer service to raise a complaint or request a problem be resolved.


I dont have hours to wait on the phone - my Dad waited 90 mins to cancel his account 2 weeks ago; and i certainly have no intention of using snail mail - if you cant send my bill by snail mail, while should i have to contact you by that method?


My complaint - I noticed the data isnt working on my phone or tablet, then I  got an email to say my bill hadnt been paid! However,  I know that I logged into the portal on the day bill arrived in my email and scheduled a future payment for the due date. But as Optus have completly changed their portal and assigned new account numbers, it seems to have lost my scheduled payment.


I just logged into to pay it again, to find previously saved credit card details are no longer in the system.


Optus please test things properly before implmenting, i should have my service impacted because you threw away a scheduled payment in the move to a new system which is alot less user friendly than its predecessor!