Contacting Optus is impossible


I want to contact Optus Chatswood Westfield to see if my phone has arrived. I received a text message one week ago saying that it had. The store promised they would call me when it arrived, and I have not heard from them. Every time I call I am transferred to the automated customer service. I tried calling 3 other Optus stores with the same result. I called customer service and they advised me to call the store. I told them I can't call the store, it automatically diverts me. They tried calling the store. Couldn't get through. I asked why I can't contact the store. "I don't know" why can't you contact the store. "I don't know" can you please find someone to contact the store. "Here is the number for the store". I ALREADY HAVE THE FUC#ING NUMBER. Are customers no longer able to contaxt Optus stores?

Re: Contacting Optus is impossible


Yes agree the Doug earlier this week I rang them to report the MIA Live/ Optus scam on my bills. Three quarters of an hour on hold  to Manila I was determined to out wait them. Woeful service....Cheers ron66 

Re: Contacting Optus is impossible


@TheDoug, customers are no longer able to call a store directly. If you do try and call in, you'll be rerouted to the IVR.


I can always send an email to the store, I'll advise them that you've come through and request an update.

Can you send us a private message with your order details? I need your full name, DOB and mobile number. I'll just need you to follow the link below:




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