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I have a new Samsung s8 and I am having constant pop up ads filling my screen. No matter what I'm doing or what I'm using they keep popping up. There's an opt out button I have tried but you can't actually press the button to opt out! It's driving me insane, I've had 4 pop ups just trying to get to this page and post this. I tried a scan through settings but it found nothing and hasn't helped. Ang ideas???

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Most likely one of the apps you have installed is full of malware or even a virus. You might be best to back up your pics and documents and do a full reset.

Re: Constant pop up ads


Before giving up entirely you could run through all the common anti virus malware things on google play.


I tried it today with on a cheap tablet with embedded malware. Got nowhere.


Re: Constant pop up ads


Hmm, it's not the Optus Xtra application, is it?


"If you're on Optus Prepaid and you download and sign up to the Optus Xtra app, you will be able to view advertisements on your Android phone lock screen in return for either 1GB of extra data or $2 extra MyCredit every 28 days. The extra 1GB data does not rollover. The extra $2 MyCredit will last for either two days or for the remaining expiry of the MyCredit balance, whichever is longer."


Failing that, @10000000000GB & @Yeldarb's advice is your next best bet.


You could try something like an ad-blocker browser, or even block "pop-ups" through your Chrome browser settings.


  • Launch the browser
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen, then
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Site Settings.
  • Scroll down to Pop-ups
  • Set the slider to blocked


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