Considering selling my Huawei P30 and P30 pro

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Hi, just after some feedback from fellow Optus Customers.

I am contemplating selling my P30 handset even though I've only been under contract for about a month, just getting worried that if I hold off until the 90 day extension, if all is not solved then may not get a dime for the phone.

What are other optus customers doing at this stage, sell or wait?

Re: Considering selling my Huawei P30 and P30 pro

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Hmm. I'd have thought a few fellow customers would have had some thoughts to add. I don't have a Hauwei phone myself but I can appreciate the situation. Presumably you own the phones and they are not on lease.


You could take the hit (presumably you'd just buy another two phones and keep using the plans you are on). It would cost a few hundred $$ but minimises the down side (like fixing a bank loan). FWIW I suspect Optus (and Telstra etc.) will eventually negotiate some sort of swap deal with customers. At the moment it could all still go away with Trump simply granting an exemption to google (this was likely an unexpected side affect of his "technology" freeze). But if that doesn't happen then either PR or legalities will mean something is done for you.


But that aside, I would assume your current Optus plan comes with an option to upgrade for $99  (looks like its $150 now) in around ten months time?  I'd suggest the best option is just take advantage of that when it comes around and let Optus deal with whatever the resale value is as you pick a different model to move forward on (note you will have your contract extended to another 24 months though)


The fact most (all?) Optus customers have this option already also strongly suggests they will offer swaps eventually.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Considering selling my Huawei P30 and P30 pro


The thought of getting stuck with a phone that cant get security updates and o/s updates is a scary thought imo.Too only sign a contract a week before all this trade stuff happened is a real wake up call.Ive decided to hold off doing anything for now because i think optus will come to the party one way or another if our phones become bricks,maybe a swap of another handset or some kind of offer.The problem is if China do anything drastic in the trade war(and in my opinion they are entitled)Trump will certainly go over the top even more with other measures, then i dont think there will be a back down of the ban.Trump is certainly one unpredictable moron who seems to go against what even his advisors tell him.

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