Connect Huawei E5786 to Billion 7800 VDPX


Hey there. Hoping someone might be able to help?


I have a Billion 7800VDPX which supports 3G/ LTE via USB. 


I also have a Huawei E5786 with a mobile data sim. 


Trying to connect the E5786 to the Billion to use the 4G (our ADSL is awful). 


Anyone done one this successfully?


Re: Connect Huawei E5786 to Billion 7800 VDPX


You may find the Wifi Hotspot, isnt a compatable device.

Each router will have a list of supported devices, you will need to check with Billion to which Modem Models work with the modem. You may be better, to purchase a second hand 4G router like the E5186 off ebay or similar, that has 4G inbuilt as a Wifi Modem/router all in one.  Otherwise you may need to get a USB Stick, rather then a Wifi Hotspot to work with your router, Optus have a good value 200GB plan for $60 ($50 if you have Optus Mobile), which might be a good replacement for your ADSL.

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