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Complaint about account management


Could you please forward contact for your complaints department manager. Not a case worker  That didn't work. The person responsible for the department  



Re: Complaint about account management


Optus doesn't operate that way. If you weren't happy with your case manager or the resolution offered, your next escalation point would be the TIO. 

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Re: Complaint about account management


Maybe that acronyms is known to people  however, I don't know what TIO means.

Very disappointed in the lack of interest to solve a problem for their customers, especially, with several services  Not that it should matter, how many tgere are. The service used to be excellent.

Could you elaborate on the TIO. Thx

Re: Complaint about account management

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That really only leads to another acronym:




You will normally need a complaint reference number. Best way to get that (and a resolution IMO) is to write your complaint to the Optus Complaints department. Its a legal document and so treated a little more studiuosly.


Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106


Peter Gillespie


Re: Complaint about account management


Thanks for the google search link. We usually explain to our customers what SVD, MDA or PDD/PDN, etc mean at our business. But this is a good piece of information to have, either way, and I do appreciate your time. 


And I surely appreciate the contact/address. Will follow that up. Absolutely hate complaining (even more than the word hate), so do it rarely, as I believe that things can be sorted, if both parties are willing. However, when a person has palpitations when they get a yet another 'reply' that is going nowhere, and then get accused it's their fault, it's no good. Being patient for 2 months is more than most people would have done. But I won't bother with the issues. You have given me all the information you could. 


Keep up the good work, 


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