Complaint about Optus service and my iPhone 6s in SOS only


My phone is in SOS only one week, I'm really confused because it just likes in SOS only suddenly and no phone service in one week. It's really inconvenient. I have been Optus and online chat to ask the staffs so many times. Also, I have chatted them by phone as well. They said they will resolve the problem by today but my phone still no service today. And they just pass on the problem to their colleagues but didn't find out the reason why my phone is not working, they just said my phone number seems like someone has hacked my account and using my same phone number but the phone number is my original number, then they asked me did you transfer the phone number to the other but I didn't transfer the number to the others. I don't know that person at all. I think I have joined the Optus plan, it was supposed to give service to me, not the trouble, I have wasted so many times to go to Optus and chat with them but only still waiting for their reply even they answered me not sure how long to wait. They totally don't know how to solve the problem at all. Optus have to compensate my loss.

Re: Complaint about Optus service and my iPhone 6s in SOS only


So it appears your phone/SIM has been hacked? This is a crimina1 activity over which Optus has no control. 


What Optus can control is the process here on out. It should be a simple matter to cancel the SIM, transfer the number to another SIM.


Request Optus simply cancel / lock any existing SIM and issue you with a new one.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Complaint about Optus service and my iPhone 6s in SOS only


I don't know it has been hacked or not because optus staffs just showing me the optus account, there are two name in the same account, that's me and that person, just wondering it's hacked or not or Optus's fault. 

Re: Complaint about Optus service and my iPhone 6s in SOS only


Hello @Janetwyho, I'll have to take a look at your account to see what's going on. It sounds like you're saying your number has been illegally ported to another provider. Can you please send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name and date of birth? We'll take a look at your account to help determine what is going on. 


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