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Occasional Contributor woodypointcomms
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Combining family phones onto one account



I've just ordered my phone and wireless hotspot moved from Telstra to Optus. My mobile number will be ported.


We're looking to move my wife's phone from her existing separate Telstra account to my new Optus account and port her number. I will add her as an authorised contact on the account.


I've been advised by the CSO who did my phones that she'd need to change her account name with Telstra first. I've read other information that says that all we need to provide is her Telstra account number and date of birth. How can we do this port as easily as possible?


Will all services on the account have the same billing cycle? She's just started a new billing month with Telstra and we don't want too much overlap where we pay for two services for the same person. However it would be good to all be on the same billing cycle. My account will activate Monday 25th. Not sure if better to wait till the end of her billing cycle to change or to just do it now. 




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Re: Combining family phones onto one account

I guess it's simply a matter of combining your accounts with Telstra first and then porting over or porting over then combining your accounts. I think I would get Telstra to do the combining before you come over to Optus.


The billing cycles will be the same if it's on the same account. I am not aware of any porting procedure that requires a Telstra account number and a date if birth (to change ownership and port at the same time) however it's not something I have done myself.


If in doubt I would have a word to sales on the live chat link below if you wish.


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Re: Combining family phones onto one account

Hey @woodypointcomms - thanks for reaching out! That's correct, if you would like to port your wife's number over to Optus but keep the service under the same account, you'll first need to complete a change of ownership on the account with Telstra. When porting over, we do need to confirm that all the account details moving from Telstra to Optus are identical, so completing the change will be the easiest way to go about this.


From my understanding, porting the number under the same account will put both of the services under the same billing cycle. Although, you might want to chat to our Porting team directly here to confirm this information. 

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