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Re: Charged by a third party on my optus bill which I didn't signed for it.

"Hey @followingwaves, please reach out to us and we can investigate this for you."


And did the customer "Reach out"?


Why the hell should they.

Same happened to me... the settings are on by default and you didn't warn your customers.

After being unknowingly scammed $15 a month since Feb 2016 by a kid pressing a link sms on a prepaid account I recharged and... found out the $20 recharge was "alredy used"... why?

I don't bother checking that account as it is just a stupid prepaid used for calls and light data. Why should I... default settings should be the safest... not with Optus.

It had been scammed since 2016 from a KNOWN SCAM. 
“Gamifive mobile village” running for that long hitting a cutomers account WITH OPTUS and you don't tell me about a known scammer?


Not one warning email, not one SMS... I find out on a recharge 2 years later???
How is it possible that another company is allowed in via an obvoius scam and you don't close that loop-hole off?


Because you are part of the scam. You still are.


Advice to the carrier on actions the customer will now take... hidden in a internet forum like your mystery settings we were supposed to find via a ester egg hunt.


1. Remove all 5 accounts with Optus I pay for.
2. Check the next carrier has 100% clear of any Optus relationship.
3. Check if the next carrier are just as bad, if they are as bad as Telstra...join them anyway and drill them on what scams they are currently involved with.


Absurd and grubby Optus, the setting on this SHOULD BE SET AS $0 IN THE MY OPTUS APP BY DEFAULT.




Why did you set this up so it is hard for the user to maintain and impossible for the customer to know about?


Does Optus have some sort of self-harm issue?
Do you want to lose customers...because this is a sure fire method.
It is these items that peeve us all off. You allowed this scam to take place therefore Optus does not care or was actually benefiting from it.


Whatever the answer is I don't care... because this is the last month for all Optus products now and in the future for 5 users.


See how it works? If you upset the person paying for multiple accounts... bad things happen.


Next stop is


Do you know you have 1,378 "Terrible" reviews and 55 "good" on that site?


I wonder why?


Make that 1,379 "Terrible" reviews where I will name a competitor and advise people walk with their feet to one of the others that are rated at .... FOUR TO FIVE STARS and YOURS IS 1.5 STARS


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