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Changing from boost to Optus. $10 sim, confused, help!



I am am looking at changing from Boost to Optus due to needing large amounts of data. I am trying to find a good deal to join Optus with, however, I am slightly confused over sim deals.


I found the ‘$10 sim starter kit’ which includes 15GB data, however it says in expires after 7 days. I don’t understand this and would appreciate if someone could explain to me this sim and why it expires after 7 days instead of lasting one month. 


Is is my best option just to get a pay monthly sim? 


Thank you. 

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Crowd Champion

Re: Changing from boost to Optus. $10 sim, confused, help!


The $10 ultimate plan is a 7 day plan so in theory this would cost you $40 for 28 days.

Most likely not the plan for you.

Do your research with all the providers but you are unlikely to find 15GB for a month plans for less than $40.



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