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New Contributor KeithWalters91
New Contributor

Changing from a Virgin plan

I currently have two phones on my Virgin Mobile account, both out of plan. One is mine, the other is my wife's.
I would like to transfer the two accounts to Optus on your basic $39 per month plan, and I would also like to upgrade my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S9 on the 24 month plan.
I asked at a Optus store but they told me I would have to apply online.
Virgin's instructions on their website only seem to cover single phone accounts.
What is the best procedure ?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Changing from a Virgin plan

Hey there KeithWalters91,

Nice choices.

The first question is, are both services currently in your name, or one in yours and one in your wife's? It sounds like they're on the one account but just checking.

If in each, you will need to transfer yours in your name and hers in her name.

If you want them to be in the same name, you'll need to do a Change of Ownership into the desired name with Virgin Mobile prior to coming across to Optus. I'm told they just removed the $25 fee to do this.

We're not too familiar with the Virgin Mobile My Account portal but reaching out to a contact there they said it should bring both services if on the same account over together onto an Optus account.

You can always try the Optus Sales team over the phone, the reason the store (and maybe the same for the Sales phone team) directed you to online is Virgin Mobile did/does have exit offers to come across to Optus as they are closing down that are/were only available by doing so online. 

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