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Honoured Contributor

Re: Changed my mobile internet plan and now netflix is suddenly metered

"I will take it to the telecommunications ombudsman"
The TIO is not there to reform the industry. Its task is address specific issues where Optus hasn't fulfilled its contractual obligations. In this instance it appears everything agreed to has been provided.

"How about instead of promoting other optus plans, you actually do something to change the message Optus has"

I've spent 1000's of posts trying to get Optus to change some of its worst customer focused practices. From leasing plans to ruinous and unavoidable excess data fees to the lack of support staff ownership on issues (the "merry go round").

I genuinely thought a 500Gb option from Optus might be of interest given your needs and took the time to mention it. No I don't know your family setup and the fact you think of people that view movies on a phone as "sad". A polite response might have been thanks, but that's not for me.
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