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Change prepaid plan to get IOU

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Re: change prepaid plan to get ioy


Hi there Queenbo5,

You can find all the info on IOU here

How to change your Prepaid Mobile plan:

Keep in mind, you may lose your existing credit when changing rate plans. To avoid this, use up your credit before changing plans.

  • Change your Prepaid Mobile Phone rate plan by sending an SMS with the word 'MENU' to 9999
    • Note: This is free to use in Australia and available 24/7
  • If you've set up AutoRecharge, you'll need to manually update your AutoRecharge settings to match your new plan
  • We'll send you an SMS once your plan change is complete
  • You'll have to recharge to start using your new plan

Note: You may need to restart your device to update your SIM after you've changed rate plans.

Please Chat with us if you need further help on changing your Prepaid plan

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